Life’s a Beach (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Every summer, the National Building Museum converts its massive atrium into an interactive, stunt-y exhibit. This year’s theme is “The Beach” by Snarkitecture. My friend Heather and I went to check it out. After waiting in a looooong line that moved impressively quick, I was underwhelmed at first glance. However, after kicking off our shoes and wading in the “water” the enthusiasm of those around us became contagious. We made our way through what felt like going against a current (due to the density of the balls) from the shore to the deep end and did cannonballs off of a pillar ledge. According to one of the “lifeguards” the pool is 4 feet at the deepest point, it’s filled with 700,000 balls made of recycled plastic, the “sand” is white turf, a crew cleans it with “LOTS” of Lysol every night and the workers like to play in it after hours. If you’re curious to check out this fun exhibit walk fast, but don’t run (it’s against the rules); it dries up on September 7.

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