Connected Fitness

I recently downloaded a free app on my phone called Endomondo (by Under Armour, a fitness company that I believe utilizes technology better than any other). The app has more than 50 sports to select from, which is great because I participate in a variety of physical activities to keep things fresh and to challenge my body. I used Endomondo for my cycling adventures and I was curious to see how well it would analyze another sport. I activated the app as soon as my friends and I hit The Bull Run-Occoquan Trail for our first hike of the season. I put my phone in my pocket and let Endomondo do its thing. I was apprehensive about it working properly because service is usually spotty in park areas. During a break I looked at the information available up to that point and it appeared accurate, but I was convinced the true test would be the reveal at the end. Typically, when I’m doing something the route doesn’t vary from what I planned, but on hiking excursions our group sometimes gets distracted and a little lost. Hours later when we completed the hike I eagerly took out my phone to view the data — it was great, ESPECIALLY the map. It highlighted the true route we hiked, including our mini unplanned diversions! I showed the map and data displayed on my screen to everyone in my group and they thought it was awesome. Many of them downloaded the app to their phones. You can keep your fancy and expensive fit devices. I always have my phone on me and I don’t want to wear additional gadgets — the Endomondo app meets all my fitness information needs!

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