Gal on the Go Unplugged: Lisa Zahiya, Business Strategist + Life Coach

Episode 35 of Gal on the Go Unplugged: In this episode, Gal on the Go sits down with Lisa Zahiya, Business Strategist + Life Coach. Lisa guides you on ways to reach your ultimate goals addressing what body image has to do with business, how-to leverage your existing knowledge and skills, using her role as a conductor to help her clients, why judging others blocks you from influencing them, why you cannot just think yourself into change, you must embody it, her Tactical Tuesday Tips like understanding the math in your financial goals and how “repackaging your magic” is vital to scaling your business, asking yourself if you’re playing the game you want to win, how goals are useful until they start to control you, the difference between shame and evaluation, letting go of what has happened to you versus what can happen to you, her new podcast “Limitless With Lisa Z.”, and more! 

IG: @lisazahiya

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