A Look Ahead … Olympic Logo for Russia Revealed


Sochi, Russia, the host city for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games launched its new emblem.

The Olympic Organizing Committee predicts the Sochi 2014 emblem will become one of the most visible and recognized marks for people of all ages around the world over the next few years, as Sochi 2014 has made a conscious effort to link its brand to the digital generation. Thanks to the growth of social media, they expect the Sochi brand will reach the youth of the world quickly and in a format they appreciate.

sochi2014.ru is the first Olympic emblem that also forms a Web address. It was designed to actively encourage dialogue between Russians, nations and winter sports fans – particularly young people. The “.ru” component is Russia’s Web domain address. The mirror of “Sochi” and “2014” reflects that Sochi is the meeting point between the sea and the mountains. As a key component of the new Sochi 2014 emblem, the Olympic rings sit large and in color, leaving no doubt that this is a symbol of progress for the Olympic Movement.

Photo Credit: Sochi Olympic Organizing Committee

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