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Happy New Year! Thank you for taking the time to read about my adventures.

The main theme of Gal on the Go in 2015 was training and Spartan Races. I still plan on doing some races, but I’d like 2016 to be a year of mixed life experiences. I will be out of commission in March and April for medical reasons, BUT when I’m back and active, look out!

Your opinion matters to me. What are some adventures, activities or events you would like me to participate in/attend and write about this year? Enter your suggestions in the reply section of the blog or send me an email at Wherever I go first, I will bring back the person who made the suggestion a souvenir. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Gal on the Go

T-Shirt Tuesday … Coming Soon

Restless with spring fever, I went through my clothes and realized I had amassed a decent collection of band T-shirts over the years from concerts, festivals and as gifts from friends. Sooooo I thought it would be fun to create a feature on my Twitter feed called T-Shirt Tuesday! Every Tuesday night starting on March 25, I’ll randomly select one of my music T-shirts and post a photo of it with a mini blurb. If you want your band featured on T-Shirt Tuesday send me a tweet or WP comment.

Life Is a Dance Floor


Jane at her first concert ever.

My friend Jane is 33 years old and she had never been to a concert – a scenario that was hard for me to comprehend!?! An avid music fan and longtime concertgoer, some of the greatest times in my life have come from seeing different genres of artists/bands perform at big and small venues throughout the world. It was my mission to take Jane to her first show. Knowing she likes gritty pop/R&B, I had the perfect artist in mind – P!nk. I thought her raw vocals, dance music and Cirque du Soleil style performance would provide an entertaining experience. Jane appeared to be having a good time dancing and singing along, but when the concert was over I couldn’t wait to hear her reaction. She said she “had a blast, beyond expectation!” On the walk to the metro after the show she was already talking about other concerts she’d like to go to next. Mission accomplished.

BONUS TRACK: The surprise of the night for me was the opening band The Kin. I really liked their pop/alt rock sound. When I read that they worked with legendary producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie) and Nic Hard (Joey Ramone, The Church) I was like ahhh, that explains why I like their sound! Shakerleg, their percussionist, is SUPER impressive – he plays with intensity using his hands instead of drumsticks. I look forward to seeing them in concert again sometime.

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