Vegas Dreams, Former Chippendale Pulls Out of the Business to Find a Greater Purpose

Steve Kader

Steve Kader grew up in the small town of Wheeling, WV. After graduating from high school he joined the Army with a desire to serve his country as a soldier. While Steve was stationed in San Antonio, Texas, he was introduced to the lifestyle of male dancing and the rest was history!

He traveled all over the world as a lead dancer of a Chippendales touring troupe. After years of working as a male dancer, Steve wanted to do something more fulfilling, so he left the business and set up residency in Las Vegas. He has worked hard at refining his talents as an actor, musician, singer, dancer, comedian, hypnotist, ventriloquist and more.

Steve’s first television acting job was in 1998 with Mario Lopez on the TV series Pacific Blue. Soon afterward, his favorite acting job came when he played one of three guys in Pamela Anderson’s dream sequence on her show V.I.P. He said it was his favorite moment based on ego purposes alone. He is no longer driven by ego.

Steve’s real passion is performing live. He believes that in TV and film you cannot connect with people the way that you can during a live performance. Steve’s current role is Master of Ceremonies in a Beatles Tribute Show at Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood. His favorite part about the job is relating with the audiences and being the first and last voice they hear in the show. Watching how they react emotionally is rewarding to Steve. The ability to take audiences to a place where they are temporarily not worried about their problems or their troubles, where they are in the moment, is powerful to him.

Which talent Steve taps into depends on how he wants to connect with an audience at a given time. For example, if he is at a children’s hospital, he does comedic ventriloquism because it is the most demanding. Not just the mechanics of being a ventriloquist, but being completely different from the character. It is an organic process, but a lot of times he credits the puppet as being funnier. Steve’s ventriloquism acts are free-flowing, whereas his job in the Beatle Show is scripted. When he first joined the cast of the Beatle Show he improvised some lines and they officially became part of the script. Steve likes that he can leave his mark on the job in that way and that the dialogue he contributed will be around long after he is gone.

One of Steve’s dreams is to work with spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle because Eckhart helped to validate a lot of the ideas that Steve started to build within his own mindset when he was 30 years old and trying to find his life’s purpose. Steve is troubled by school shootings and believes that one of his callings in life is to travel around the world and perform PSA-type shows for junior high and high school kids and deliver messages of kindness in an entertaining impactful way. Knowing that he used his talents to make a positive difference in their lives would be very fulfilling to him.

Steve strives to be a good influence on others and encourages aspiring actors not to be afraid to take roles that other people pass up. He believes that it is in the taking of those roles that a person will grow. If you are willing to pay your dues and you have talents that you can build upon, that will serve you well. Don’t worry about taking a job as an extra, that is how you will meet people and have opportunities to network. When you are competing for a part demonstrate your diversity; have three two-minute monologues prepared — a comedic monologue, a contemporary/regular monologue, and a classic monologue similar to Shakespearean style. Most importantly, Steve said to be someone who people enjoy being around and working with. If you are easy to work with, you will get more jobs than if you are a talented person who is a jerk.

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