My co-workers and I enjoy going to lunch at Sisters Thai in Fairfax City (their Sisters Beef is addictive!). Over the years I have gotten to know Sumontita, the hospitable owner. She has been working very hard on opening a new location in the Mosaic District for more than a year and would proudly share updates when she saw us. After a few delays, her new location is now open! Sumontita sent me a personal invitation to the opening and I was happy to support her. The entrance was decked out like a movie premier. The inside of the Fairfax City location is intimate in size and the furniture is inviting like you’re in someone’s home. The Mosaic location is more spacious with a nice outdoor patio, piano area and movie marquee above the serving bar, but it has the warmth and inviting vibe of the original location. Wishing Sumontita great success as she expands her business!

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