No Beasts of Burden

My friend Jean had to go away for the weekend and asked me to horse sit her two stallions Wasabi and Wils. I agreed to the request with no hesitation. I went to her beautiful 17-acre farm before she left to meet the horses and learn about their daily routine. Wasabi is a cute tan and white horse with striking eyes — one is brown and the other is blue. His personality is mischievous and flirty. Wils is a strapping dark brown thoroughbred with a serious, yet gentle demeanor. They cautiously galloped over to me wearing their “fly” fly masks. (A fly mask is a mesh cover that protects horse’s eyes from annoying bugs.) In Wasabi’s case the mask also serves as sun protection for his sensitive eyes and pinkish face. Jean warned me that when I came by the next day I would probably find Wasabi’s mask laying somewhere along the fence line because he doesn’t like wearing it. Sure enough, when I showed up I spotted his mask on the ground. Wasabi looked at me with a gleam in his eye and grin on his face as if to say — what? I didn’t do anything. He knew he was busted and cooperated with me putting it back on him. Every day before I left I would give each of them a handful of treats. Wasabi would scarf them out of my hand with powerful suction, while Wils would tenderly eat them from my hand. So different from each other, but equally sweet. I had a great time being their caregiver.

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