Words With Friends

In the beginning of the year I saw cool black letters of the alphabet on sale while I was shopping at Michaels and thought hmmm, what can I do with these? I decided to buy the letters E-D-I-T and put them on top of a filing cabinet in my office. One day when I came in I noticed the letters had been rearranged to spell W-A-I-T by one of my co-workers. Clever and fun! The shuffling of the letters caught on to the whole team. I love coming in to find the different random words they create. They like to challenge each other on who can arrange the letters in creative ways to make a word. I recently found a letter K (for Kimberly) carved out of an old book that I brought in as a separate decoration. After just a day of sitting on the side next to a plant, the K made its way into the rotation with the other letters. If you want to play along, submit a word to me via tweet or WP comment using the letters available and I’ll take a picture and post it.   

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