T-Shirt Tuesday … Coming Soon

Restless with spring fever, I went through my clothes and realized I had amassed a decent collection of band T-shirts over the years from concerts, festivals and as gifts from friends. Sooooo I thought it would be fun to create a feature on my Twitter feed called T-Shirt Tuesday! Every Tuesday night starting on March 25, I’ll randomly select one of my music T-shirts and post a photo of it with a mini blurb. If you want your band featured on T-Shirt Tuesday send me a tweet or WP comment.

4 thoughts on “T-Shirt Tuesday … Coming Soon

  1. Robert says:

    Now…does the T-Shirt have to have a concert or musical theme? I have a The Walking Dead T-Shirt that’s wickedly sweet!

  2. Robert says:

    Well…I do have a Seal concert T-Shirt that’s pretty cool. Just have to look for it. I wish I still had my David Bowie T-Shirt that I got when I went to see him my senior year in high school I’m sure I can still fit into it. 😀

    • kimber1y says:

      Oh yeah, your Seal T-shirt would be great. I don’t think I ever bought one. 🙁 Super cool you saw Bowie. Lucky! What happened to the shirt?

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