Divine Surprise

Uncle Nun

My cousin threw a retirement party for my wise and nurturing aunt who worked tirelessly as an elementary school teacher for years. She’s a rare kind of teacher you are lucky to come across even once in your entire educational career. (Shout-out to my inspirational teacher Eileen Maloney.) Hailing from a large Italian family, my aunt’s siblings enthusiastically showed up in support. My aunt is of deep faith and grew up with nuns as teachers. My Uncle Paul arrived from out of town to surprise her. Dressed as a nun, he showed up early to the party with his back to the entrance. When my aunt arrived another one of my uncles brought her over to the “nun” who he introduced as Sister Lucy. When my Uncle Paul in full nun gear turned around, my aunt was blown away — she started laughing and gave him a big hug. It was super fun coming together to honor her. Enjoy your next phase of life Aunt Linda!

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