Lunch With Jenny

Photo by Jenny

I recently broke up with Facebook because I needed a break from the declining positivity. I may get back together with it again in the future, but for now we need some time apart. I shared this news with my close friends — some took it better than others. My friend Jenny was particularly unhappy. I met her for lunch today and as I was sitting down, she took a surprise picture of me paparazzi-style. She knows my weaknesses — news about friends, not liking photos of myself posted that I can’t see, and celebrity gossip. After our lunch meeting Jenny sent me the photo posted above and the following email …

“this photo will be uploaded as of Friday, June 14 9AM EST if you are NOT back on FB. Also, i plan to post a series of titillating news stories that i know you will want to see and email you short teasers…

and remember that you now look extremely guilty — as you just happened to shut down your FB right when all the government spying has come to light…”

I almost fell off my chair from laughing. I’m going to try to stay strong and keep off of Facebook for a while, but I have a feeling her creative efforts to lure me back will be my Kryptonite.

3 thoughts on “Blackmail

  1. Angela Tarantula says:

    AWWW! A bit of sunlight has left Facebook! Now we must lure you back with something? Cute animal videos? Inside Facebook jokes?….no wait I got it…CHEESE! Everyone loves cheese right? Hehe. Well no matter if y ou come back or not. We all love you! Facebook aint goin no where and unfortunately neither are the rain clouds some people carry around with them. All that matters is that you are a radiant ray of sunshine. Never let anyone cloud your sunny disposition. You rock! You got paparazzied by Jenny! mwuahahah hehe πŸ™‚

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