Roger Gastman
Fascinated by the Pump Me Up event last Friday, I attended the curator talk given by Roger Gastman. Before Roger took the stage, a Go-Go radio station did a live remote pumping music throughout the Corcoran auditorium to the sold-out crowd. During Roger’s presentation he shared the origins of his graffiti background, how long it took to gather the items and interviews he used in the exhibit and the inspiration for his movie ‘The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan’. Roger explained how “Disco” Dan rose to become a symbol of DC so large that he paralleled the monuments. He went on to say how murals of today were influenced by graffiti of the past and that the sense of community was at the heart of the era – it made graffiti and music thrive. After the talk, Roger signed copies of his book (a catalogue of the exhibition). I hung out with him for a bit and he graciously invited me to the screening of his movie Saturday evening. Movie review to follow…

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