What a Decade!

Pump Me Up
I was lucky to attend the private advance opening of Pump Me Up: DC Subculture of the 1980s at the Corcoran. The guest “DJ” for the event was punk rock legend Henry Rollins. In college I listened to Black Flag and the Rollins Band, so when I had an opportunity to meet and speak with Henry that evening I was very excited. I also met Roger Gastman, the curator of the event. I love the way Roger mixed print design, video, and music archives throughout the exhibit to tell the story of that decade. I enjoyed the show so much that I RSVP’d for the curator talk a few nights later. If you are in the DC area make sure to check out this exhibit — it runs until April 7. (Cool Fact: The title of the exhibit was inspired by Trouble Funk’s song “Pump Me Up”.)

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