Chopsticks Newbie


While visiting my friend in Richmond, her and her sister decided to broaden my food horizons and take me out for sushi at a place called Tokyo Not Your Average Joe. They are regulars at the restaurant and know the owner. We ordered our drinks and my friend made me try Saki, which I didn’t like at all! Her and her sister laughed at my facial reaction. The waiter was also entertained by my first-time experience. I trusted my friend to order for me – we shared three dishes. While we were waiting, the owner came over to greet us and brought us a complimentary appetizer that looked like a work of art on the plate. My friend said I had to use chopsticks. I was sooooo clumsy with them. The first piece I tried to pick up flipped in the air and landed on the table. She eventually gave up on me and asked the waiter to bring me a fork. Hey, I tried. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the sushi dishes – they were all delicious. I enjoy when my friends get me to try new things … although I’m too traumatized to use chopsticks again.

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