Not Your Average Crafts

Washington Craft Show

I went with my friend Mariam to the Washington Craft Show at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. I hadn’t been to a craft show in years and was expecting homemade looking items that I had commonly seen before. Not the case at all! The works at this show were in the crafts major leagues. Many of the vendor’s works were truly unique. I would have left with a trunk filled with amazing art, if the pieces weren’t out of my price range. Some talented artists who are worth checking out and investing in if you have the means …

  • Jay Rogers – creates beautiful functional wood sculptures – certain selections of his works come apart to reveal hidden compartments
  • Jennifer McCurdy – creates stunning porcelain pieces that’s edginess is sure to catch your attention
  • Kina Crow – creates mixed-media works that are deep yet whimsical at the same time
  • Jiyoung Chung – create dramatic looking sculptures made out of paper that appear fragile, but are actually strong

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