Radio Retrospective


Hanging out with the guys from Whiskey Reverb.

I returned to my hometown of Buffalo to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of WBNY, the radio station I worked at during college — when alternative music ruled the airwaves and a little group named the Goo Goo Dolls were a struggling local band. I enjoyed meeting the current student crew who are doing an amazing job running the station and hanging out with friends who I hadn’t seen in a few years. During my visit I did an on-air segment called ‘Celebrity Chatter’ – reporting on top celebrity news from 1982 mashed with current celebrity news. On the night of the anniversary concert at Rockwell Hall I was honored to take the stage and recognize the efforts of the students who worked very hard to help make the event possible. The bands that performed included Intent to Sell, Dr. OOO, Whiskey Reverb, and Dotsun Moon. The guys from Whiskey Reverb were a blast to hang out with and put on a fun show.

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