Cross-Country Road Trip – Recap

I’m very sad this trip has come to an end. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I left Virginia — some stops during the trip were planned and others were spontaneous. I met cool people, got to know the U.S. much better, ate at some great places, saw some incredible art exhibits, historic sites, parklands, and goofy stuff. I have special memories that I will never forget.

Trip Stats:

  • The total number of photos I took over the course of my 11 days of travel … 2,468
  • The total number of miles driven from Seattle, WA to Manassas, VA … 3,045
  • The total number of states we traveled through AND stopped at during our six-day road trip … 14 – Washington, Idaho, Montana (rest) / Wyoming, South Dakota (rest) / Minnesota (rest) / Iowa, Illinois (rest) / Indiana, Ohio (rest) / Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia (home)

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