Hidden Paradise


Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by tree houses. Months before leaving on a cross-country trip I decided to research tree house destinations and came across Post Ranch Inn located in Big Sur, California. It was the third time in my life that an experience surpassed my expectations (working at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and ziplining at Whistler were the other two). There were no clocks or TVs in the tree houses all nestled within the 100-acre peaceful environment. My individual tree house called Innocenti (named after Manuel Innocenti, a Mission Indian) had stunning views of massive rugged mountains on one side, and scenic views of the vivid blue coastline on the other side. The sunrises and sunsets during my two-day stay were mesmerizing! I had fun hiking on the trails of the property and spotting deer and wild turkeys along the way. I hope to return to Post Ranch Inn someday, it is truly a majestic place.

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