Peeps Sighting


I was at my local Southern States looking for plants when I noticed a large wired raised pen filled with the cutest little chicks in the center of the store. The pen was divided in two with about 50 yellow chicks on one side called Leghorns (originated in Tuscany, Italy…my little paisanos) and about 50 brownish ones on the other side officially known as Rhode Island Reds. I had never seen real baby chicks. They were sooooo adorable. The man put their food at the end of the pen and they all hustled over really fast to eat. Their speed mixed with their high-pitched squeaks and cuteness was entertaining. I asked the man why they were for sale and he said people buy them because they grow up to be great egg laying hens. I ended up staying in the store for more than an hour playing with the fluffy little cuties. Bring on Easter!

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