Permanent Ink

Ink Fest

I went with my sister and some of her friends to InkFest Live in DC at Nationals Stadium. It’s the only tattoo expo with an urban landscape joining leading tattoo artists from around the world with live tattoo work, live music performances, graffiti demonstrations, custom bikes and more. My intention was to spend quality time with my sister and observe the work of the talented artists. Inspired, about midway through the day I spontaneously decided to get a tattoo. I debated some ideas for the artwork and decided to go with a turntable, headphones and the call letters of the station where I first learned to DJ in college. Music has always been a huge part of my life and this image was a perfect representation. It was a very linear design, so I searched for a tattoo artists who was good at creating crisp lines. Blake Becker was my artist of choice. He drew up a sketch based on the crude drawing I came up with and got to work on my new 4″x2″ piece. I decided to have it done on the inside of my upper right arm so I could enjoy it, but it wouldn’t be distracting when I was dressed up. About 30 minutes later and after a lot of pain (the inside of an upper arm is actually a very sensitive area) my new piece of art was completed. Thanks Blake.

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