Hello Dolly

I’m not a huge fan of country music, but when my friend Eric asked me if I wanted to see Dolly Parton at Wolf Trap I couldn’t resist. The chance to see a music legend perform supersedes music preference. When we arrived at Wolf Trap for the sold-out show we found a great spot on the lawn off-center and in the front. We enjoyed our array of treats before the show started — funky cheeses, fancy crackers, meats and boxed wine (that’s right, no shame in drinking boxed wine on a picnic!). When Dolly burst on stage in her shimmery pink dress, big blond hair and high heels with a spunky greeting I knew I was in for a treat. Standing on the 116′ wide stage at a modest 4′ 11″, she commanded the attention of the crowd. I was not familiar with her songs, but I appreciated her incredible pure vocals. She has a powerful voice with range that blew me away. Between songs she shared stories of her past with us. It became easy for me to understand why she’s penned so many top hits through the decades — she’s a masterful storyteller! She also played a slew of different instruments. Three costume changes, two sets and an encore made for a very entertaining evening. If you ever have the opportunity to see Ms. Dolly perform, take it!

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