I always wanted to try ziplining, so when I heard I could do it in Vancouver I signed up right away! I booked the bear level adventure through Ziptrek Echotours. Upon checking in we all lined up against the wall to put on our harnesses and safety helmets. There were nine people in my group. Our two fun and knowledgeable guides were Dylan and Jeremy. They started us out on what I nicknamed the bunny zip — your feet were only about five feet from the ground. Next, we all headed up the mountain in a van for the real adrenaline adventure. The zip tour spanned between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains and over the Fitzsimmons Creek. The zipline levels were joined by a network of suspension bridges, boardwalks and trails. The platforms were like treehouses. I felt like I was a kid again. The adventure consisted of five progressive zip levels. Between each level we would stop briefly and learn an environmental snippet about the area. The mission of Ziptrek is about incorporating fun with environmental education. We flew across the cables at approximately 43 MPH. On the last zip level Dylan showed us how to safely go across upside down. I’m proud to say that everyone in the group bravely did it … a very liberating day!

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