Countdown to Vancouver

With only 65 days left until I leave for Vancouver I’ve been in preparation mode.

  • As part of my Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) training I’ve had to learn about the history of the Olympics and Paralympics through a series of online tests.
  • I underwent a comprehensive background check in order to receive my accreditation.
  • I’ve received details about my official uniform that will be issued to me upon my arrival (it’s super cool). I learned that I’m not allowed to be photographed with athletes or accept gifts while I’m in uniform.
  • I went on a mini shopping spree to get some essential items I’ll need such as a passport/ID holder to wear around my neck, quality long underwear, dry/warm Merrell boots and warm gloves that meet my uniform requirements.
  • I booked my flight on Air Canada … the cost was a little surprising. I learned the fare is calculated according to the current exchange rate and unfortunately the U.S. dollar isn’t strong right now.
  • I contacted my host Karin to confirm that I’ll have Internet access and use of laundry facilities.
  • I received my travel papers from VANOC stating the purpose of my visit to Vancouver for use when I arrive at customs.

Lots of things to absorb and do, but all worth it!

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