Every Little Thing They Do Is Magic

* Photos from my viewpoint

Sat., May 3, 2008

Back in ’83/’84 I was a new fan of a little band from London called The Police, but I was young and not allowed to attend their Synchronicity World Tour. By the time I was old enough to go to concerts they had disbanded. Fast-forward 23 years later, much to my delight the band announced they had reunited and would launch a world tour. My friend Tracy scored prime tickets and invited me to go with her to their show at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo. I was excited about the opportunity to see them perform live, but like other life events that you build up in your mind, I tried not to have too high of expectations.

That was a nonissue because the night of the concert came around and they did not disappoint. The stage setting was simple … lights, a marquee and a jumbo flat screen in the back. After all, true musicians don’t need bells and whistles to enhance what they do. They sounded and looked amazing. They performed some of their song arrangements differently than the original versions, but the result was great music sounding even better. For a 56 year-old-man, Sting is incredibly fit and can put many twentysomething’s to shame. Yoga definitely does the body good!!! The crowd-filled arena was high-energy — fully participating by shouting lines to songs when called upon by Sting. The band was playful with each other and gave off a genuine positive vibe — a true testament that their reunion was going well. They played a strong set followed by two encore performances much to the crowd’s delight. The blending of their talents — lead vocalist Sting, guitarist Andy Summer and drummer Stewart Copeland was, and is, pure music magic.

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