Ducati Field Trip

Thurs., March 20, 2008

I heard from a Utah local that there was a Ducati dealership in Salt Lake — as a guidette and Ducati owner I had to check the place out. Taking a break from skiing, I went on a mini road trip to Salt Lake Motorsports, Inc. Along the way I stopped by the Ducati Cafe in Park City (cool concept I thought). I quickly discovered it was closed. Chris, a SLM employee I met later that morning informed me that the cafe did really good business during the Sundance Film Festival, but not so much afterwards.

Thirty miles later I pulled up to a HUGE Ducati red building (the pic above is just the showroom; there was also a large service area to the left)!!! Upon entering the store I was greeted by Lacey, a really cool gal working the front counter. The showroom floor housed various models of Italian-made motorcycles and scooters as far as my eyes could see. I was a kid in a candy store but with limited funds and suitcase space (torturous). There was also a diverse selection of women and men’s apparel and accessories. If you’re ever in the Park City/Salt Lake area I definitely recommend visiting SLM … make sure to have your credit card though, because you won’t be walking out empty handed.

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