Unexpected Encounter

*This photo is from imdb.com

Mon., Dec. 31, 2007

We headed up to Buffalo via Southwest Airlines for the Winter Classic. A few hours after we arrived in town we met up for dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants — The Italian Village. We were busy talking away when much to our surprise, in walked William Fichtner, aka FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone on ‘Prison Break.’ He was with a party of 25 friends and family members. They headed into a private room. It wasn’t unusual for Bill to be in the Buffalo area considering he has family living in Cheektowaga and he’s a known Sabres fan. My little brother, an avid ‘Prison Break’ devotee, really wanted to get Bill’s autograph but my father sternly told him that dinner wasn’t an appropriate time to approach the actor. Out of respect, my brother left him alone. His appearance was a fun addition to our dining experience.

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