Special Day

Sat., Oct. 6, 2007

Today my dad turned the big 60!!! I remember I used to think that was really old, but observing my dad I thought … he looks great. That’s one genetic plus I have on my side!

He started his day early by going to play golf with some friends. He called my mom in the afternoon to say he was doing well and would be home around 7 p.m. She replied ummm no, you’re going to be home earlier. I think he sensed something was up, but he wasn’t exactly sure. He found out soon when he returned home to a surprise party.

Relatives, close family friends, his coworkers and golf buddies were all in attendance. The cuisine included a huge Italian spread. We even special ordered 50 cannoli from Wegmans and 5 lbs. of assorted Italian cookies shipped from a great bakery in Buffalo, NY, called Muscoreil’s. Attendees brought joke gifts such as plastic dentures hanging off bifocals. Everyone seemed to have a fun time.

As the night winded down and the guests left, he told us it was the best day he ever had! If you knew how hard it is to please my dad, to hear him say that was a pleasant surprise.

Happy Birthday Dad, Love Ya!

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