Attention Drivers!!!

Sat., Sept. 1, 2007

It’s time to get back to basics. Next time you’re in your car putting on makeup, shaving your face, reading the paper, texting or immersed in a cell phone call ask yourself – is it really worth hurting, paralyzing or killing someone? It’s truly careless and quite frankly selfish.

Wake up earlier to put on your makeup at home or wait until you get to work. Listen to the news on the radio or a book on CD. If the phone call isn’t an emergency, pull into a parking lot to gab away on your cell or better yet, talk to the person once you’re at work or at home. People have lost sight of the fact that when they’re in their car, their number one priority should actually be surprise … driving!

I write to you from first-hand experience. Over the last eight months my car has been hit in the rear four times at various stop lights in Northern Virginia by drivers who were focused on activities other than driving. Vehicles are powerful mobile weapons. I’m truly lucky to be alive, thanks to what I attribute to be a guardian angle working his butt off. Each of these accidents has caused me stress, health issues from being a human bobble head, loss of time at work and loss of personal time by having to deal with insurance damage estimates, doctors visits, car rental and auto body shop visits.

I’m frustrated and disgusted at this point. If I could legally cover my car in bubble wrap I would. But since I can’t, I’m begging drivers, PLEASE focus your attention back on the roads!

Hit from behind four times by careless drivers $12,400
Living another day … priceless.

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