Sweet Ride

Sun., Aug. 5, 2007

I needed a “new” car because my current car had REALLY bad juju. I headed over to Fairfax Honda on Sat. because that’s where I bought all my Hondas over the years. I had to buy used this time because of finances. I wanted a CR-V to tote my three furry kids around. I wasn’t thrilled with my options so I went home to sleep on it and hoped my dad would come with me the next day. When I returned to the dealership on Sun. my little sister came along — it’s always a fun adventure when she’s around. They had gotten a cool black pre-owned ’07 CR-V in overnight — I went to take it for a test drive but a couple had beat me to it and started the purchase process. I was really bummed. We sat there contemplating other options. All of the sudden we hear screaming. The guy who was buying the CR-V I wanted was freaking out. He stood up and was yelling … everyone in the busy showroom heard him and was stunned by his erratic behavior. I jokingly turned to my sales guy Tim Willis and said hey, I think the CR-V is available now … which turned out to be true. My sister and I were like score! A few hours later and lots of paper work, that lil‘ SUV was mine. I’m thankful that Tim had come back on Sun., his day off, to make sure I was taken care of. A welcome surprise from start to finish, he broke the used car salesman stereotype. It was rainy and night time when we left the dealership — I can’t wait ’til tomorrow morning when I can enjoy my “new” pimped out, safe and fun vehicle!!!

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  1. TM says:

    (Different Tim….)Way to Go, Gal!Just, uh, um, well…. just look out for BIG suv’s, please????(BTW, congrats; show it off on Weds. nite?)

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