Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Sun., April 22, 2007

I traveled up north to Buffalo for the weekend for my BFF’s bridal showers. Fri. night the hot on ice Sabres had a playoff game (they won of course) and the streets were filled with excited fans. On Sat. afternoon my BFF’s soon to be mother-in-law hosted a garden tea party. On Sun. I hosted a brunch … first time I had ever planned an event from out of state. She received several car loads of great presents to launch her new life as a married woman. It was a weekend of food, festivities and more food. When Sunday night arrived I was so full that I was tempted to power walk back to Virginia. I have a few weeks to digest all my indulgences and then it’ll be time for me to return for her big day in June!

One thought on “Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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