You’re my person … (‘Grey’s’ Reference)

Fri., April 20, 2007

I trekked to Buffalo over the weekend for my best friend’s bridal showers. Knowing she didn’t care for typical bachelorette activities, I had asked her a while back what she wanted to do. Her reply, get tattoos. At first I was hesitant, but I changed my mind after she sent me a cool design she came up with that fused our two initials. I deeply reflected on our friendship and how she’s had my back, so I decided that’s where the tattoo would go. Friday night when I arrived in town we went to a tattoo shop called Cowpok on Elmwood Avenue to get them done. The feeling was more like a burning sensation than needle pricks. It took Cooper, our tattoo artist, less than 20 minutes to complete the 1.5” x 2” solid black design. A positive experience overall. No regrets.

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